Welcome to 2016!

Hi everyone,

Wishing you all a happy and prosperous New Year.

Term 1 Coaching

Term 1 coaching and training classes start on Monday 1st of February 2016.

Tennis Whizz classes for the 3 – 5 year olds won’t start till week 2 , i.e. the week starting the 8th Feb.

For those juniors who want to take tennis a bit more seriously we are adding fitness and foot work classes on Friday afternoons with a special hitting squad which will be in addition to the main squads earlier in the week.

More information on that in the next 2 weeks.

Term 1 Comps

Entries for some of the competitions close this weekend, so I have to have confirmations as who is interested in what.  Please indicate your preferences and I’ll do the best I can with age and standards.

The district comp is as usual from 8 – 11.30. Yellow and Green Ball

The district Orange ball is from 11.30 till 1.00 pm.

Then we have a Green Ball 2 hrs comp on Saturdays either from 8 – 10 or 10 – 12.

Upcoming Tournaments

The Aussie Open Hot Shots Grand Slam is on Sunday the 7th February. Tournament details are here or go to Northern Beaches Hot Shots.

This is for Red Ballers 8 and under this year, Orange Ballers 10 and under and Green Ballers 12 and under.

It’s a series of 4 Grand Slams over the year and you have to play in at least 2 to qualify for the Masters.

Entries close 6 p.m. Thursday 4th February.


Hope you’ve had a great holiday and will be in touch soon.